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Unit 31: Spelling the endings -ture -ain -ine

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Unit 31: Word endings:-ture, -tain, -ine

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Words ending in ine

Test yourself in spelling the ine words. Choose the best word to complete each sentence and type it in the box. Use your memory of the words on the previous page.

Guess the missing word

Type the whole word:

The climber fell into a steep-sided ______.
This washing ______ is the latest model.
A small orange-coloured fruit: ______
She asked the doctor to ______ her ears.
The opposite of masculine: _______
French criminals were sent to the _______.
Are these ______ diamonds or fakes?
Underwater naval vessel: ______
The dancing troupe will practice their _______.
Animals from abroad must go into ________.
To feel better, take this ______ every day.
The amount of sales will ______ the profits.

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