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Regional spellings

The vast majority of English words are spelt the same regardless of country or region. There are some minor variations in English speaking countries such the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Spellzone works with all of these variations.

Occasionally, where differences exist in the Spelling Course, we will mention them and highlight the differences.

Word lists that have regional variations will be flagged British or American. If you are in Australia, Canada or New Zealand we will also indicate your regional spelling based on your IP location. If you wish to show only British or American word lists you can change this in the Account settings (My Details for single users).


When logged in, date formats are set according to your country. For the US, dates are formatted MM/DD/YYYY and for the rest of the world are formatted DD/MM/YYYY. You can change your country in the Account settings (My Details for single users).


When logged in, all times displayed are relative to your time zone. You can change your time zone in the Account settings (My Details for single users).

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