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What is included as part of a single user subscription?

Can I use a single user subscription in my school, college or for multiple students?

Spellzone creates personal Course Pathways, tracks progress and saves results so it is not possible to use a single user licence with more than one student. Course tests give advice to students based upon their previous work so if multiple students were to use one login, the teaching will be compromised. It is anyway against the terms and conditions to use a single user licence for more than one student. We have systems to check abuse of this and we reserve the right to cancel accounts if we believe this is taking place.

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Three steps to spelling success...

1. The Spelling Ability Test
Take the test to get a baseline score
and a personal course pathway.
2. Spelling Course
Work through your personal course
pathway based on phonics progression.
3. Word Lists
1000s of targeted lists or your own to
use with fun activities and worksheets.

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"I ran the trial with a small group of students over three weeks before the summer holidays," she says. "I quickly saw the benefits, and signed up."

King's Leadership Academy, Warrington