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Thirty Five Idioms about Money

  1. a penny for your thoughts? – what are you thinking about?

  2. a pretty penny – very expensive

  3. a quick buck – money which was easy to make

  4. cash cow – a business/product which generates a stable flow of income/profit

  5. daylight robbery – obvious, unfair overcharging

  6. from rags to riches – from poverty to wealth

  7. he who pays the piper calls the tune – the person who provides the money should choose how it is spent

  8. I don’t have two nickels/pennies to rub together – I am very poor

  9. if I had a nickel/penny for every time this happened – this happens a lot

  10. in for a penny, in for a pound – involved in seeing an undertaking through no matter how much money, time, or effort it requires

  11. mint condition – perfect condition

  12. money doesn’t grow on trees – money isn’t easy to acquire

  13. on the money – right about something/someone

  14. one man’s trash is another’s treasure – what is worthless to one person might be valuable to another

  15. other side of the coin/two sides of the same coin – an opposing view/two people with opposing views

  16. penny pincher – a frugal person

  17. strapped for cash – short of money

  18. ten a penny/dime a dozen – very common

  19. to cash in your chips – to die/ to sell something to gain whatever profit you can because you suspect its value will fall

  20. to cut your losses – to abandon a plan/project which is clearly going to be unsuccessful before circumstances become worse

  21. to earn a living – to make money enough money to live comfortably

  22. to feel the pinch – to experience financial hardship

  23. to foot the bill – to pay for everyone

  24. to get off scot free – to escape punishment/injury

  25. to give someone a run for their money – to be a challenging competitor

  26. to go bust – to become bankrupt

  27. to have money burning a hole in your pocket – to have money which you are eager to spend

  28. to have the penny drop – to finally realise/understand something

  29. to make big bucks – to make a lot of money

  30. to spend a penny – to go to the toilet

  31. to struggle to make ends meet – to struggle to survive on the money you earn

  32. to take someone to the cleaners – to cheat someone out of their money/possessions

  33. to turn up like a bad penny – to turn up where you are not wanted

  34. two cents – an opinion on an issue

  35. worth their/its weight in gold – to be extremely useful/valuable

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Avani Shah

13 Oct 2014
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