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Words and Idioms about Mothers and Parenting

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are 20 words and expressions about mothers and parenting.

  1. a face only a mother could love – an ugly face
  2. a mother has eyes in the back of her head – a mother knows what her children are doing even when she can’t see them
  3. a tiger mother – a strict and demanding mother
  4. everyone and his mother – lots of people
  5. like mother, like daughter – daughters often behave like their mothers did before them
  6. mama’s boy – a boy or man who is easily influenced by his mother
  7. Mother Goose – a fictitious collector of nursery rhymes from the eighteenth century
  8. mother hen – someone who fusses over others in a maternal way
  9. mother house – the principle house in a religious order
  10. Mother Nature – the personification of nature
  11. Mother of God – the Virgin Mary
  12. mother’s milk – something necessary and important
  13. mother’s ruin – gin
  14. mothercraft – skills related to the care of children
  15. ‘Mum’s the word!’ – ‘Say nothing!’
  16. necessity is the mother of invention – when the need for something is crucial, one will find ways of creating, finding or achieving it
  17. the mother of all (something) – the largest/most extreme of something
  18. tied to his mother’s apron strings – attached and dependent on his mother
  19. to keep mum – to keep quiet about something
  20. to learn something at your mother’s knee – to learn something at an early age

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24 Mar 2017
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