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Word for Wednesday: Chocolate

In the United Kingdom, this week marks Chocolate Week. For eleven years, chocolatiers, chocolate companies, hotels, bars, and restaurants have celebrated this delicious treat by hosting events such as talks, tastings, and demonstrations. At the end of the week, the celebrations conclude with The Chocolate Show London at Olympia National Hall. Find out where you nearest event is here.

The word ‘chocolate’ dates back to around 1600, and comes from the Nahuatl ‘xocolatle’ (possibly from ‘xocolia’ meaning ‘to make bitter’ and ‘atl’ meaning ‘water’). Chocolate was originally a drink, and brought to Spain in 1520. By the 1640s, cacao seeds were ground, roasted and sweetened to make a paste or cake. Read more about chocolate production here.

What’s your favourite type of chocolate? Let us know in the comments!

14 Oct 2015
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