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Word for Wednesday: Health

The word ‘health’ is a derivative of the old English word ‘hælþ’ and is German in origin. Health refers to the condition of someone’s body or mind; it is used to identify if we are in state of disease and pain (bad health) or free from disease and pain (good health). Traditionally, health was seemingly a game of luck, as successful medical remedies were sparse. However, medicine and research into health has luckily advanced; today’s society is obsessed with maintaining health and following a life style that could prevent disease. Diet, exercise and vitamin pills are part of a daily health routine to many individuals in the western world. But unfortunately, despite medical advances and healthy lifestyle choices, some diseases of the body and brain defeat knowledge and are unresponsive to mediations. This may seem pessimistic, however, new treatments are frequently being trialled and presenting promising results. So let us make a toast, to good health and medical success!

24 Feb 2016
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