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Twenty Idioms about Friendship

  1. a shoulder to cry on – someone who listens sympathetically
  2. birds of a feather flock together – people who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other's company
  3. close-knit – very close
  4. like two peas in a pod – very similar
  5. through thick and thin – through all circumstances no matter how difficult
  6. to be as thick as thieves – to be very close or friendly
  7. to be joined at the hip – to be inseparable
  8. to be on the same page/wavelength – to be in agreement
  9. to build bridges – to promote friendly relations between people or groups
  10. to bury the hatchet – to end a conflict
  11. to clear the air – to defuse the tension
  12. to get on famously – to get on very well with someone
  13. to get on like a house on fire – to get on very well with someone
  14. to get on swimmingly – to get on very well with someone
  15. to hit it off – to find yourself immediately and naturally friendly with someone
  16. to know someone inside out – to know someone very well
  17. to make strange bedfellows – to make unlikely companions
  18. to move in the same circles – to socialise with the same people all of whom have a similar background or lifestyle
  19. to see eye to eye with someone – to agree with someone
  20. to speak the same language – to understand someone as a result your shared values or opinions

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15 Aug 2017
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