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Spellzone August Round-up

A New Blog Feature

Welcome to our new 10 Words blog feature designed to help you expand your vocabulary.  In each article we’ll choose a word and give you 10 other words you might be able to use in its place. Maybe you’re learning English, or maybe you’re just bored of using the same words over and over again – either way this series is sure to help. You may also be interested in our three tips for expanding your vocabulary

To kick off the series, we’ve chose the word happy. Click here for more.

Commonly Confused Words

This month, for our Commonly Confused Words post, we looked at the words enquire and inquire. Though these words traditionally had slightly different meanings, their usage now depends on whether you are writing in American English or British English. Click here to learn how to use each word correctly. 

Idioms about Dogs

There are an estimated 25,000 idioms in the English language and many of them feature animals. In the past we have looked at idioms about insects, cats, sea creatures, and birds. From ‘a dog’s dinner’ to ‘sleeping dogs lie’, click here for out latest article on idioms about dogs. 

Word for Wednesday 

Our monthly round-up wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our Word for Wednesday feature and our August words have some really interesting organs. Is there a link between the word 'nightmare' and the word 'mare'? What does a schoolchild have in common with an eye? This month we’ve looked at the words trivia, nightmare, groggy, and pupil.  

28 Aug 2019
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I have just finalised the progress of the year groups and am delighted to see that from December to June 53% of the 98 students using Spellzone have raised their standardised scores to 100 and above.

One of the students has put in a huge amount of effort in completing Spellzone at least 3 times a week since his arrival with us in January. Looking at his scores after the latest GL testing, his standardised score has risen from 99 to 131. This is a truly phenomenal result. I just wanted to share the best result I have ever seen.

Terrie Penrose-Toms, Casterton College