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Idioms and Expressions about the Theatre

  1. a dog and pony show – an elaborate presentation or campaign
  2. a hard/tough act to follow – an achievement that sets a high standard that other success will struggle to compare to
  3. ‘Break a leg!’ – ‘Good luck!’
  4. class clown – a student who makes jokes and/or plays pranks
  5. footloose and fancy free – free from commitment
  6. number – a song/dance/performance
  7. out of step – not conforming to what others are thinking
  8. showstopper – a scene or song that receives a long applause from the audience/something that is very popular
  9. showbiz – show business
  10. star-studded – featuring many famous people
  11. the show must go on – an event or activity must continue despite hindrances/problems
  12. to be in the limelight – to be the focus of everyone’s attention
  13. to drag your feet/heels – to be reluctant to act
  14. to get into the groove – to begin to perform confidently
  15. to get the show on the road – to put a plan into action
  16. to have two left feet – to be clumsy/awkward
  17. to hold the stage – to dominate a scene/debate
  18. to keep your feet on the ground – to remain practical/sensible
  19. to make a clown of yourself – to embarrass yourself
  20. to make a song and dance out of something – to make a fuss
  21. to run the show – to take charge of an event or activity
  22. to set the scene – to describe a place or situation in which a story is set
  23. to sing a different tune – to change your opinion
  24. to steal the show – to receive the most attention/praise
  25. to step/tread on someone’s toes – to offend someone by intruding on their responsibilities
  26. to strut your stuff – to behave confidently and in a way that shows off your talents
  27. to think on your feet – to react to events effectively without any preparation
  28. to upstage someone – to divert attention away from someone else and onto yourself
  29. to wait in the wings – to be prepared to do something at the most appropriate/opportune moment
  30. twinkle toes – someone who is nimble/light on their feet/a good dancer

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15 Nov 2016
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