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Idioms about Emotion

Idioms about Emotion
  1. a chip on your shoulder - an ingrained resentment or grievance due to a feeling of inferiority and often marked by aggressive behaviour
  2. afraid of your own shadow - easily frightened
  3. as hard as nails - tough, strong/unfeeling, callous
  4. as pleased as punch - delighted, proud
  5. at the end of your tether/rope - to have lost all your patience
  6. cheesed off - annoyed
  7. down in the dumps - unhappy, depressed
  8. foaming at the mouth - very angry
  9. fool’s paradise - happiness predicated on ignoring potential problems or troubles
  10. happy camper - someone who is comfortable and content
  11. happy-go-lucky - cheerfully content, unconcerned about the future
  12. hopping mad - extremely angry
  13. in stitches - laughing uncontrollably
  14. like a dog with two tails - delighted
  15. on cloud nine - very happy
  16. on the warpath - angry and eager for confrontation
  17. on top of the world - very happy, elated
  18. over the moon - delighted
  19. to bite someone’s head off - to respond to someone sharply/angrily
  20. to blow a fuse/blow your top - to lose your temper
  21. to feel blue - to feel sad/depressed/melancholy
  22. to fly off the handle - to suddenly lose your temper
  23. to go through the roof - to suddenly become very angry
  24. to go to pieces/fall apart - to become so nervous or upset that you are unable to behave/perform normally
  25. up the wall - extremely annoyed/frustrated/angry

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12 Apr 2018
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