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Advent Anagram Answers!

We hope you enjoyed solving our advent anagrams – scroll down to see how many you got right!

1 Red Ernie (1) Reindeer
2 A Locked Sewing Song (3) Good King Wenceslas
3 Help No Rot (2) North Pole
4 Wean Again Mary (4) Away in a Manger
5 Scathing mud drips (2) Christmas Pudding
6 Spice in 'em (2) Mince Pies
7 Tinsel Two (3) Let it Snow
8 A Ferny Months Twos (3) Frosty the Snowman
9 Titan Ivy (1) Nativity
10 He's Fat, Smart, Rich (2) Father Christmas
11 Dance Cyan (2) Candy Cane
12 Thane Hilly Thy Dove (5) Candy Cane
13 Tinsel Thing (2) Silent Night
14 Lost Me Tie (1) Mistletoe
15 Able Bus (1) Baubles
16 Trim Each Tress (2) Christmas Tree
17 Oh Yon Light (3) O Holy Night
18 Mid Termly Trouble (3) Little Drummer Boy
19 Frat Jocks (2) Jack Frost
20 No Rib (1) Robin
21 Once Sober Geezer(2) Ebenezer Scrooge
22 Nick's Tog (1) Stocking
23 Em’s Wine (2) Wise Men
24 Vicar’s Themes (2) Christmas Eve

From all the team at Spellzone, Happy New Year!

30 Dec 2013
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