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25 Idioms about Dancing

  1. dancing in the streets – very happy
  2. footloose and fancy free – free from commitment
  3. it takes two to tango – both people/parties are responsible for the argument/problem
  4. to be all-singing, all-dancing – to have a large range of impressive features/skills
  5. to be light on one’s feet – to be nimble
  6. to step out of line – to behave inappropriately/to break the rules
  7. to dance on air – to be very happy
  8. to dance to someone’s tune – to comply with someone’s demands and whims
  9. to drag one’s feet/heels – to stall
  10. to land/fall on one’s feet – to have good luck
  11. to follow in someone’s footsteps – to do the same thing/make the same choices as someone else did before
  12. to get into a groove – to warm up/to get used to doing something
  13. to get off on the wrong foot – to make a bad start
  14. to give it a whirl – to try something out
  15. to have two left feet – to be clumsy or awkward
  16. to keep one’s feet on the ground – to be practical/sensible/realistic about something
  17. to keep someone on their toes – to make sure someone is concentrating and ready for any outcome
  18. to make a song and dance out of something – to make a fuss about something
  19. to put a toe out of line – to do something that breaks the rules
  20. to put one’s best foot forward – to begin an endeavour with effort and determination
  21. to sweep someone off their feet – to charm someone with romantic gestures
  22. to think on one’s feet – to react to unexpected events in a decisive and practical manner
  23. to tread/step on someone’s toes – to offend someone by interfering with their responsibilities
  24. twinkle toes – someone who is nimble and quick in their feet
  25. to strut one’s stuff – to dance/behave confidently and enthusiastically

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26 Jun 2017
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