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Spelling list: Words ending in age

The /ij/ sound on the end of a word is usually spelled age - but take care: this list contains two rule-breakers !

Learn about these words in unit 19. Soft g: ge, gi, gy

Log in for sound baggage How much baggage do you plan to take with you?
Log in for sound bandage Would you like a bandage for that sore?
Log in for sound cottage The cottage had a beautiful garden.
Log in for sound courage I admire her courage.
Log in for sound damage The crash caused much damage to my car.
Log in for sound garbage Every Wednesday I put out the garbage. *
Log in for sound image A pixel is the smallest part of a digital image.
Log in for sound manage Can you manage to carry that all by yourself?
Log in for sound message Oliver left a message on my phone.
Log in for sound package Sticky tape is best for sealing packages.
Log in for sound passage They walked down the passage. *
Log in for sound postage How much is the postage on this card?
Log in for sound sausage These sausages are very tasty.
Log in for sound shortage After the earthquake there was a shortage of fresh water.
Log in for sound storage My new computer has much more storage space.
Log in for sound village Our village has only three buses a day.
Log in for sound advantage The home team had the advantage.
Log in for sound average The winning cyclist had an average speed of 34 miles an hour.
Log in for sound knowledge Try not to baffle him with your knowledge.
Log in for sound college Do you want to go to college or university?

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