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Spelling list: The -tious ending

In these words the sound /sh´s/ is spelled tious.

Learn about these words in unit 30. Words with ci and ti e.g. ancient, special, initial, gracious

Log in for sound infectious She had an infectious disease. *
Log in for sound ambitious The company set some very ambitious goals for the year.
Log in for sound bumptious Her boyfriend was bumptious.
Log in for sound cautious Be very cautious when driving at night.
Log in for sound conscientious The doctor was conscientious in his work.
Log in for sound contentious The referee's decision was contentious.
Log in for sound facetious
Log in for sound fictitious
Log in for sound flirtatious
Log in for sound fractious
Log in for sound nutritious
Log in for sound ostentatious
Log in for sound pretentious
Log in for sound repetitious
Log in for sound scrumptious
Log in for sound seditious
Log in for sound superstitious
Log in for sound surreptitious

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