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Spelling list: The -cious ending

In these words the sound /sh´s/ is spelled cious.

Learn about these words in unit 30. Words with ci and ti e.g. ancient, special, initial, gracious

Log in for sound delicious The table was full of delicious food.
Log in for sound audacious The explorer was audacious by nature.
Log in for sound auspicious They hoped that their wedding would be an auspicious occasion.
Log in for sound atrocious War leads to many atrocious events.
Log in for sound avaricious The millionaire became avaricious.
Log in for sound conscious She was conscious of what she said to her mother.
Log in for sound ferocious The island was home to a ferocious beast. *
Log in for sound gracious She was a gracious loser. *
Log in for sound luscious
Log in for sound judicious
Log in for sound malicious
Log in for sound officious
Log in for sound precious The cave was filled with precious stones. *
Log in for sound precocious
Log in for sound pugnacious
Log in for sound spacious
Log in for sound suspicious There was a suspicious bulge in the thief's pocket.
Log in for sound vicious The dog was vicious. *
Log in for sound vivacious
Log in for sound voracious

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