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Spelling list: au words

These words use the letters au to spell the sound /or/.

Log in for sound sauce Grate some cheese to go in the sauce.
Log in for sound haul An old cart horse was used to haul the load.
Log in for sound maul If you go in a tiger's cage it is likely to maul you.
Log in for sound paul Paul rode his bike every day.
Log in for sound daub The artist liked to daub paint on his canvas.
Log in for sound taut The tent ropes must be taut.
Log in for sound fraud The conman committed fraud. *
Log in for sound cause A charity is a good cause.
Log in for sound pause Hit the pause button to stop the video clip.
Log in for sound fault It's not my fault I'm late.
Log in for sound vault The bank stores its gold in a deep vault.
Log in for sound daunt The thought of the Math exam began to daunt me.
Log in for sound gaunt She ate so little, she began to look gaunt. *
Log in for sound haunt They say the old castle is haunted.
Log in for sound jaunt Let's go on a jaunt to the beach.
Log in for sound launch A space probe was launched yesterday.
Log in for sound paunch A large fat stomach could be called a paunch.
Log in for sound staunch Staunch can mean very reliable and loyal.
Log in for sound August It was extremely hot last August.

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