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Spelling list: ir words

These words use the letters ir to spell the sound /er/.

Log in for sound fir A fir tree is evergreen.
Log in for sound sir He said 'Yes, Sir' as he saluted.
Log in for sound stir Stir the cake mix well.
Log in for sound bird The bird has a ruff of feathers round its neck.
Log in for sound third Third place wins a bronze medal.
Log in for sound girl Sue is a very slim girl.
Log in for sound swirl I felt the water swirl around my legs.
Log in for sound dirt Mary got some dirt on her new dress.
Log in for sound shirt I need to sew a button on my shirt.
Log in for sound thirst Water is best for quenching your thirst.
Log in for sound first Sing the first verse.
Log in for sound skirt I tore my skirt on a nail.
Log in for sound squirt The chef added a squirt of cream to the top of the cake. *
Log in for sound squirm The horror film made me squirm.
Log in for sound birthday It’s Zak’s birthday next week.
Log in for sound circle I have a wide circle of friends.
Log in for sound circus I object to animals performing in a circus.
Log in for sound thirty She is thirty years old on her birthday. *
Log in for sound thirteen Fourteen is the number after thirteen. *

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