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Spelling list: ck words

Spell the /k/ sound ck after a short vowel.

Learn about these words in unit 2. Spelling the consonant sounds, Part 1

Log in for sound back I'm going back to Spain next year.
Log in for sound pack Fold your clothes before you pack them.
Log in for sound track The racing car sped around the track.
Log in for sound smack I never smack my children.
Log in for sound snack She eats a small snack at 11 o'clock.
Log in for sound deck The ship's deck is made of wood.
Log in for sound neck I have a pain in my neck.
Log in for sound speck There is not a speck of dust to be seen.
Log in for sound click Click on the link to see my pictures.
Log in for sound pick Please will you pick me up after work?
Log in for sound stick My dog likes to run after a stick.
Log in for sound thick The bear has thick fur.
Log in for sound clock That clock is ten minutes fast.
Log in for sound dock Our ship will dock in the morning.
Log in for sound lock Did I lock the car?
Log in for sound shock The loud bang gave us a shock.
Log in for sound duck Six ducklings swam behind the duck.
Log in for sound luck He gave her a good luck kiss.

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