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Spelling list: More words with the suffix -able

-able is the most common way of spelling this suffix.

Learn about these words in unit 27. Word endings: -able, -ible

Log in for sound adorable Your new puppy is adorable.
Log in for sound advisable Doing your homework on time is advisable.
Log in for sound agreeable The decision to move was agreeable.
Log in for sound available I'll let you know when she's available to talk.
Log in for sound believable Your story seems believable.
Log in for sound capable Are you capable of cooking such a large meal?
Log in for sound changeable The weather will be changeable.
Log in for sound considerable The teams’ success was considerable.
Log in for sound desirable A new job in America was desirable.
Log in for sound durable Durable means long lasting.
Log in for sound excitable Puppies are usually excitable.
Log in for sound excusable
Log in for sound foreseeable In the foreseeable future.
Log in for sound inevitable
Log in for sound inflammable
Log in for sound irritable
Log in for sound justifiable
Log in for sound perishable
Log in for sound pronounceable
Log in for sound regrettable

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