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Spelling list: ti and ci saying /sh/

In the middle of a longer word the /sh/ sound is often spelled ti or ci. Here are just a few words; there are many more in Units 28 and 30.

Log in for sound station Catch the train at the station.
Log in for sound action His latest film is full of exciting action.
Log in for sound nation The French are said to be a nation of food lovers.
Log in for sound mention Did I mention that it's my birthday next week?
Log in for sound section Tick to show you have read each section of the document.
Log in for sound direction Head in a northerly direction.
Log in for sound information Go to the information desk.
Log in for sound musician The musician had to audition to join the band.
Log in for sound special A birthday is a special day.
Log in for sound delicious The table was full of delicious food.
Log in for sound initial My initial reaction was amazement.

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