Unit 14H - Homophones for Unit 14, the or sound

Homophones - words spelt different ways

Spelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This unit tests you on homophones with the sound /or/.

think back to spelling teaching Remember: These are the main ways of spelling this sound:

Help spelling homophones with or sound Help spelling homophones with or sound Help spelling homophones with or sound Help spelling homophones with or sound
or as in fork ore as in shore au as in sauce aw as in jaw

Rule breakers break the spelling rule There are also some rule-breakers:

oar our ough augh alk

If you would like to review the homophones before the test,
go back to NOT AVAILABLE - On the full course you can skip this test and continue to the next part of the unit

Test 1. Which of the bold words is correct?

Choose the correct word

Type the word here

Red lights warn/worn of danger.
His voice is horse/hoarse.
Menswear is on the third storey/story.
Both boxers fort/fought bravely.
Cats often lick their pause/paws.
I've polished the floor/flaw.
Where is the sauce/source of this river?
We have a large mirror in our hall/haul.
He caught/court the ball with one hand.
All passengers are on board/bored.
The roses have long storks/stalks.
John war/wore his oldest clothes.


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Unit 14H Homophones: the /or/ sound

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