Homophones for Unit 14, the or sound

Homophones - words spelt different ways

Spelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

To review the spellings before the test, go to NOT AVAILABLE - Only available on the full course.

Test 2. There is one mistake in each sentence. Spot the mistake and type the CORRECT word in the box.

Spot the mistake

Type the correct word

A cricket bawl is small and hard.
I saw a glider sore above the clouds.
I tor my skirt on a nail.
Lorna thinks housework is a boar.
Shaun is taking a History coarse.
He is being taut by an expert.
Are you shore you swept this floor?
There is a lore against drink-driving.
Let's all go four a long walk.
George has a secret horde of cash.
I'll sought the laundry into piles.
The shopping maul is closed today.


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Unit 14H Homophones: the /or/ sound

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