Unit 17 - Spelling ough and augh words

Teaching point - learning to spell The letters ough and augh can be used to spell several different sounds. You will have met many of these words in earlier units. As they are hard to remember, they are grouped together here.

To learn these letter patterns, concentrate on the look of the letters and their names.

First we'll look at the ough pattern:

Spelling learning activities Write ough several times, saying the letter names
aloud as you write.

Then type ough several times, again saying the letter names aloud.

These are some of the sounds made by the letters ough:

Help spelling English augh and ough word Help spelling English augh and ough word Help spelling English augh and ough word Help spelling English augh and ough word Help spelling English augh and ough word
/ō/ as in snow /oo/ as in blue /ow/ as in cow /uff/ as in cuff /off/ as in blastoff
through bough
plough -
(U.S. plow)
slough -
slough -
(cast off)

Find the best ough word to complete each sentence. Remember - don't copy the word letter by letter - use the 'Look, Cover Write, Check' method.

Find the best ough word for each gap

Type the word here

Stormy weather makes the sea ______.
We pushed our way ______the crowd.
Farm animals drink from a ______.
______ is made by mixing flour, water and yeast.
I have a sore throat and a bad ______.
A large tree branch is called a ______.
______ I'm sick I'll still go to work.
This meat is far too ______ to eat.
Have you had ______ time to finish?
______ is an old word meaning swamp.


Skip this exercise and go to the next part of this unit: More ough words and some rhymes. *

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Unit 17: ough and augh words

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