Spellzone is a spelling resource suitable for all abilities and is easy to use!

How does Spellzone work?
Students can work on the course either on a school or home computer or on their mobile device. This gives Spellzone a great advantage over software that is only available on a network or CD. For assessment purposes all results and level of engagement are stored securely online so tutors can monitor and report on progress at any time.

Despite the increase in computer-based work, where spellcheckers are available, many assignments and most exams are still handwritten. Recently many exam boards have said they are tightening their standards and marking down for poor spelling. Therefore the teaching of spelling is still very important.

The Spellzone course teaches all the English spelling rules in a logical order, with clear explanations at each stage enabling students  to study either with the help of a tutor or independently in college, in their own homes and on mobile devices.

Evaluate your students' spelling ability and provide individual learning pathways.
No previous experience of teaching English spelling is required, as The Spelling Ability Test provides a baseline 'Spellzone Score' and creates a personal 'Course Pathway' for each student based on their result.

Keep students on track with little intervention.
Spellzone is suitable for supervision by teaching assistants as all teaching points are presented clearly, in a logical progression. All work is checked instantly and the Spellzone scores and 'Course Pathways' updated according to progress made.

Comprehensive teaching in all English spelling rules.
The Spellzone Main Course units assume that users that can spell phonically simple words with short vowel sounds and hard consonants (for example, run, sit, stand, jump), while the Spellzone Starter Course is an entry level resource provided to help learners who are not yet at that level. These include primary pupils, older students who are still struggling with basic spelling concepts, and lower level users of English such as ESL and EAL students.

The Spellzone course follows a logical pattern and all teaching points are clearly explained; where a spelling rule exists, the course teaches it and where there are no rules to help, we give ideas for learning and remembering difficult words.

Many users find that Spellzone helps their pronunciation as well as their spelling, because the words are grouped by their sound, for example:

  1. These words are in the same unit because they have the same sound:
    fair     bear     share     there     their
  2. The letters ou have a different sound in each of these words. You will find them grouped with other words which have the same sound:
    cloud   group   double   though   thought

Demonstrate results and provide reports on students' progress.
All student activity, level of engagement and results can be monitored and evaluated. Reports can be download at any time.

Ready-made resources to save you time.
Create custom word lists for your subject or project and for any ability. To save you time there are also 1,000s of pre-loaded word lists available including Spellzone courseuser-created and curriculum lists.

ALL word lists, including your own, can be used in interactive spelling testsactivities, games, and printed as worksheets. All can be translated into 92 languages - useful for ESL learners.

Spellzone classroom resources are free to download. You can use them on your school website and share them with your colleagues.

Share Spellzone across year groups and departments.
Your staff can create their own word lists for their subject, project or exam preparation and set classroom or homework tasks.

Spellzone is non-patronising, and is adaptable for all abilities including those who are dyslexic

Plan and set classroom and home work tasks in advance.
ALL Spellzone course units and word lists can be set as tasks, with minimal time input needed. Start dates and deadlines can be set in advance enabling multi-task setting.

Students can study in school, at home or on the move.
Students can improve their spelling by working in school and at home with this fun resource. Teachers have found that the ability to use Spellzone at home reinforces learning and makes it popular with parents who are keen to support their son or daughter's school work.See case study.

Spellzone can be used in Learning Support Departments and is particularly suitable for dyslexic students. It can also be used by those whose first language is not English.

Spelling problems and dyslexic students.
Spellzone is written by an experienced teacher and dyslexia specialist who is also the author of several books for dyslexics. Further information on how Spellzone can help dyslexics.

Provides tools to support EAL and ESOL students.
If English is not your students' first language, Spellzone can help them in many ways

Who uses Spellzone?

Primary Schools
We are sometimes asked if Spellzone is suitable for use in primary, junior or elementary schools. 
The answer is yes! Spellzone is adaptable for students of all abilities and is suitable for supervision by teaching assistants. Care has been taken not to include any inappropriate material and the Spellzone resources DO NOT contain content of a sexual or violent nature.

High Schools
Many students still need help with spelling at the secondary or high school stage of their education. However, most of the spelling software available is aimed at younger pupils and teenagers find these too childish. Spellzone was written especially to overcome this problem. It can also be used in regular English classes with other pupils needing help with spelling, for example those whose first language is not English.

Colleges and Adult Education
Spellzone is widely used in Further Education and Community Colleges as tutors appreciate its non-patronising appeal to their older teenage students and adult learners.

It is suitable for many types of learner:

  • Key skills students and adults returning to education
  • Dyslexic students following a variety of courses at College or University
  • ESOL students

Spellzone covers these areas of the UK Adult Literacy Core Curriculum:

  • Entry Level (Entry 2 & 3)
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Dyslexia Tutors
Further information on how Spellzone can help dyslexics.

Teachers of EAL or ESOL
If English is not your students' first language, Spellzone can help them in many ways.

Home Schools
Spellzone has proved a very useful resource for those who are home schooling. It is also ideal for parents who want to support their children's school work. Parents need no expert knowledge in teaching spelling and the structure, teaching points and exercises make it ideal for learners with spelling difficulties such as dyslexia.

Staff Training
Spellzone is ideal for exam preparation and for professional or personal development. Although the teaching on Spellzone covers spelling rules from a basic level, it differs greatly from software developed specifically for children. It is therefore very suitable for adult training purposes.

Further information
For more detailed information on the Spellzone teaching content please see: Questions and answers for teachers and tutors

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Teaching spelling

Three steps to spelling success...

1. The Spelling Ability Test
Take the test to get a baseline score
and a personal course pathway.
2. Spelling Course
Work through your personal course
pathway based on phonic progression.
3. Word Lists
1,000s of targeted lists or your own to
use with fun activities and worksheets.

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