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How Spellzone fits in with the national curriculum in England

This guide is based upon the English Appendix 1: Spelling. It highlights how Spellzone can be utilised as a resource to assist in the delivery of the new curriculum and features links to all statutory and non-statutory word lists which can be practised by your students in school and at home using our Look, Say, Cover, Write Check, Listen and Spell activities and six fun games. The word lists can also be printed as worksheets for off-line for practice.

Using Spellzone - full guide (pdf)

Using Spellzone - quick guide (pdf)

Suggestions for the development of a whole‐school spelling policy (pdf)

Using Spellzone - a typical spelling lesson plan (pdf)

How to learn homophones

Learning tips, how to improve your spelling

How to learn individual words

How to learn groups of similar words

A glossary of spelling terms


Spelling the /k/ sound before a vowel: is it c or k? (pdf)

Spelling the /k/ sound at the end of words: is it c or k? (pdf)

Spelling the sound /oi/ as in oil: is it oi or oy? (pdf)

Spelling the ending /sh’n/ as in fraction: 'tion' as in fraction, 'cian' as in musician and 'sion' as in mansion. (pdf)

How to learn homophones (pdf)

Five tips for coping with everyday spelling (pdf)

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