Spelling list: qua and squa words

After qu, the short vowel sound /o/ is usually spelled with the letter a. The sound /or/ is spelled ar.

quality The TV sound was poor quality.
quantity The truck held a large quantity of bricks.
quarantine Animals from abroad must go into quarantine.
quarry Stone for building is cut from a quarry.
quarter We each had a quarter of the pizza.
quartz Quartz is a hard transparent mineral.
squash Squash the box flat before putting it in the bin.
squad There are three new players in the squad.
squat Squat means to crouch down low.
squalor The tramp lived in squalor.
squander Don't squander your money on useless things.
squadron The squadron pilots took off together.
squabble A small quarrel could be called a squabble.

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