Spelling list: Non-statutory words: homophones #2

Homophones and other words that are often confused

advice The teacher gave us good advice.
advise Could you advise me on buying a new car?
device The campsite has a rainwater-collecting device.
devise For A-level Drama, the students were required to devise their own play.
licence British English spelling Do you have a licence to drive this bus?
license American English spelling He shouldn't have been licensed to drive the bus.
practice American English spelling He tried to put his new maths skills into practice, but still needed a calculator to work out the final sum.
practise British English spelling I practise my spelling for half an hour each day.
prophecy The seer's prophecy came true after all.
prophesy Experts prophesy that temperatures will rise.
farther 'Farther' is a synonym for 'further'.
heard I heard a very weird noise in the night.
herd There is a herd of buffalo by the lake.
lead His legs felt as heavy as lead.
morning Sarah went for a morning jog.
mourning Queen Victoria wore black clothes as a sign of mourning for her dead husband. *
led The tour guide led us up the hill.
guest Mrs. Hall showed her guest into the parlour. *
father The boy looked just like his father.

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