Spelling list: aero / trans

aero - indicates air trans - across

transport The bus transported the children. * add to list
transcript add to list
transparent Quartz is a hard transparent mineral. add to list
aerodrome Aeroplanes are kept at the aerodrome. * add to list
aerate add to list
aerial add to list
transmit The radio began to transmit the message. * add to list
transplant My Dad had a kidney transplant. * add to list
transatlantic I went on a transatlantic flight to America. * add to list
aerodynamic The helmet is aerodynamic. * add to list
aerobatics add to list
translucent add to list
aeronautical add to list
transaction I made a transaction at the bank. * add to list
aeroplane British English spelling They took the aeroplane to Australia. add to list
transfer Transfer this box to the other room please. * add to list

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