Spelling list: Key Stage 3: Music: orc - voc

orchestra The orchestra played softly in the background.
orchestral He enjoyed orchestral music.
ostinato The word 'ostinato' refers to a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm.
percussion Harry plays percussion. *
pitch Her singing was slightly off pitch.
quaver In American English, a quaver is called an 'eighth note'.
rhythm James plays rhythm guitar.
scale Ordnance survey maps are maps drawn to scale showing great detail. *
score He followed the score closely while listening to the recording.
semibreve In American English, a semibreve is called a 'whole note'.
synchronise British English spelling Synchronise our watches. *
syncopation Syncopation involves a variety of rhythms. *
tempo It was played at a fast tempo. *
ternary A ternary is a three part musical. *
timbre Timbre is the unique quality of an instruments sound. *
triad A triad is a set of three notes. *
vocal The music teacher said she had great vocal talent. *

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