Spelling list: Key Stage 3: History: pol - tra

politics His background is in politics but now he's more interested in charity work.
political Capitalism is an economic, political and social system based on the private ownership of property, business and industry, with the aim of maximising profits. *
priest The priest carried the censer.
propaganda Propaganda is the spreading of ideas and information, which only gives the governments side of things. *
Protestant The church has been Protestant since the seventeenth century.
rebel The army surrounded the rebels.
rebellion A rebellion is open, organized, and armed resistance to a government or ruler. *
reign The country prospered under the King's reign.
religious Daoism is a Chinese philosophical and religious tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with the (Dao) Way. *
republic The country was a republic. *
revolt Henry caused the revolt. *
revolution We are learning about the Industrial revolution. *
siege The castle was under siege.
source It's important to look at both primary and secondary sources in your essay.
trade The country relies on international trade.
traitor A traitor is someone who betrays his country.

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