Spelling list: Key Stage 3: English: plu - vow

plural Indices is plural for index. *
prefix A prefix is put in front of a word to change its meaning.
preposition A preposition precedes a noun. *
resolution The more pixels, the better the resolution.
rhyme Time, crime and chime all rhyme.
scene The picture showed a peaceful country scene.
simile A simile involves comparing one thing to something else.
soliloquy Shakespeare uses Macbeth's soliloquy to show that he is unsure about what to do. *
subordinate A subordinate clause is typically introduced to a sentence with a conjunction.
suffix A suffix goes at the end of a root word. *
synonym A synonym is a word with the same or similar meaning to another word. *
tabloid Tabloid newspapers tend to have more pictures.
vocabulary Use a thesaurus to widen your vocabulary.
vowel Assonance involves words that have the same vowel sound. *

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