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Study the word list: Key Stage 3: Secondary Spelling List: par - rea

A number of secondary schools have identified the following words as common errors among this age group.

parallel A trapezoid or trapezium is a type of quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides.
participation Thank you for your participation. *
pattern A lattice is a criss-cross pattern.
peaceful The picture showed a peaceful country scene.
people Many people do not have sufficient food.
performance The team’s performance was dismal.
permanent Temporary is the opposite of permanent.
persuade Can I persuade you to have another slice of this cake?
persuasion She needed all her powers of persuasion to get him to agree with her. *
physical Physical exercise is good for your health.
possession A conqueror is someone who gains possession or control of a country by force or war. *
potential He showes great potential. *
preparation There was a lot of preparation involved in winning the U.S. Open. *
prioritise British English spelling You must prioritise your work. *
process The process of totalling figures is called addition.
proportion Her head was in proportion to her body. *
proposition I will listen to your proposition. *
questionnaire Please complete the questionnaire. *
queue We had to queue to get into the show.
reaction My initial reaction was amazement.

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