Spelling list: Key Stage 3: Secondary Spelling List: cli - dis

A number of secondary schools have identified the following words as common errors among this age group.

climb They set out to climb Mount Everest.
column You can't support a building with just one column.
concentration You need good concentration to win. *
conclusion I came to the conclusion that they were wrong.
conscience My conscience is completely clear.
conscious She was conscious of what she said to her mother.
consequence Beware the consequence. *
continuous The assessment of your work will be continuous.
creation The Emperor Qin ordered the creation of an army of terracotta warriors to guard him after his death. *
daughter My brother's daughter is my niece.
decide Jane had to decide which way to go.
decision The decision to stay at home was absolute.
definite Is it definite that Jim is coming?
design Do you like the design of this web site?
development Development of new business is vital to an economy.
diamond The investigator solved the mystery of the missing diamond. *
diary Yoghurt is a diary product made from cows. *
disappear Click the box again and it will disappear.
disappoint As long as you try your best you won't disappoint me.

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