Spelling list: Longer oi and oy words

In longer words, use oi in the middle of a syllable. Use oy at the end of a word or the end of a syllable.

appoint We need to appoint a new woman for this job.
avoid She is trying to avoid that man.
moisture Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air.
ointment He needs ointment on his cut knee.
poison The label on the bottle says it is poison.
poisonous Not all snake bites are poisonous.
rejoice To rejoice is to feel great joy.
tabloid Tabloid newspapers tend to have more pictures.
toilet Are there any toilets in this store?
turquoise Kelly loves the colour turquoise.
turmoil The long war caused great turmoil.
annoy Why do you have to annoy me?
employ I'm hoping they will employ me as a chef.
enjoy Did you enjoy the party?
destroy He was trying to destroy the wasp nest.
loyal David has been a loyal friend for many years.
royal The royal family live in that palace.
soya I like soya sauce on my noodles.
voyage Captain Cook was killed on his third long voyage.
oyster Don't eat an oyster unless it is fresh.

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