Spelling list: Words ending in -ate

´-ate´ is the most common way of spelling the sound /ut/ in a weak final syllable.

accurate Does spelling need to be accurate?
affectionate He's a very affectionate child.
appropriate Your behaviour hasn't been appropriate today.
approximate The approximate value for the house was $300,000.
certificate The college awarded me a certificate.
chocolate I love chocolate mousse.
climate Global warming constitutes towards climate change.
considerate She was a considerate young lady.
deliberate Was that a deliberate mistake?
desperate I'm desperate for a long cold drink.
duplicate I'll duplicate it for you.
estimate I estimate we'll land in forty minutes.
fortunate I was fortunate to win the prize.
graduate She will graduate next year.
immediate Please give this task your immediate attention.
moderate The principal visited the class to moderate the behaviour.
passionate She is very passionate about football.
private Do not read my private mail.
separate Can you separate those fighting dogs?
ultimate His ultimate goal was to buy the house.

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