Spelling list: The /it/ sound spelled ´et´

In many words the weak final syllable sounds like /it/ but is spelled ´et´.

jacket He wore a woollen jacket.
packet The mailman brought that packet.
ticket Have you got a ticket for the show?
pocket There was a suspicious bulge in the thief's pocket.
rocket Rocket propulsion has enabled space travel.
socket An electric plug goes in a socket.
basket Take this basket with you to the market.
blanket Keep warm with a blanket.
budget Plan the budget to save money.
bullet The soldier fired a bullet.
cabinet Put your clothes away in the cabinet.
carpet We've bought a new stair carpet.
gadget The gadget was amazingly cool. *
interpret The translator struggled to interpret some words.
magnet Pick up the pins with a magnet.
market Take this basket with you to the market.
prophet The prophet said a holy man would come.
wallet He has a wallet full of $100 bills.
secret Bond is a fictional secret agent.
target He shot the target with great accuracy.

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