Spelling list: The /ut/ ending spelled ´et´, ´ot´, ´ut´

In these words the weak final syllable has the schwa sound + /t/. It can be spelled in many ways.

diet Go on a diet to lose weight.
poet The poet wrote an ode to his love.
quiet It was very quiet in the church.
abbot The abbot lived in the monastery.
ballot Glen got most votes in the ballot.
carrot Would your rabbit like a carrot?
chariot A chariot is a traditional horse-drawn carriage used for war.
idiot Don't be so stupid, you idiot.
maggot A maggot is the larva of a fly.
parrot Most parrot species are able to mimic human words.
pilot When the pilot ejected his parachute opened.
riot After the riot the shops were looted.
gamut The actress expressed a gamut of emotions.
halibut The fishermen caught many halibut.

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