Spelling list: 50 common words that Britons struggle to spell - Part 2

From a study commissioned by the TV channel Nick Jr UK to celebrate the launch of the children s literacy show Wallykazam!

licence British English spelling Do you have a licence to drive this bus?
separate Can you separate those fighting dogs?
believe I can't believe she has married him.
colleague John was her colleague at work.
definite Is it definite that Jim is coming?
humorous He has a humorous sense of fun and likes a good laugh. *
Weird I heard a very weird noise in the night.
symphony The orchestra played a new symphony.
illicit Illicit drugs are becoming more rampant in our society. *
species Most parrot species are able to mimic human words.
appearance She had a strange appearance.
possession I have many photographs and old possessions in my attic.
vacuum A vacuum is a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter. *
changeable The weather will be changeable.
queue We had to queue to get into the show.
acquire I went to the shop to acquire a dictionary. *
receipt Pay the bill and ask for a receipt.
receive Did you receive my last letter?
difficulty Indigestion is a difficulty in digesting food. *
foreign We love foreign travel.

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