Spelling list: -ey words

The long /e/ sound on the end of words is sometimes spelled -ey

Key I have lost my door key again.
money I haven't got enough money to buy those shoes.
honey Bees make honey.
parsley Mint, thyme and parsley are herbs.
donkey A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey.
monkey Monkeys are cute but do not make good pets.
Turkey Turkey is the name of a country and a large bird.
kidney My Dad had a kidney transplant. *
hockey I like playing hockey. *
jockey Should jockeys be banned from using a whip?
journey The weather made the journey worse. *
chimney The smoke goes up the chimney. *
alley An alley runs between the houses.
valley Shout across the valley to hear the echo.
pulley A pulley can be used to lift a heavy weight.
trolley Stack your trays neatly on the trolley please. *

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