Spelling list: Engineering (aviation) Set 3

Words an aircraft engineer is likely to need when writing maintenance reports.

pedals Most vehicles are operated using pedals.
pitch Her singing was slightly off pitch.
propeller A propeller is used in aircrafts to provide propulsive force.
reference If you are stuck, use the instruction book for reference.
repaired Dad had had the television repaired while we had been at Gran's house. *
replaced CD-ROM stands for Compact Disk Read-Only Memory. It is a removable disk used to store computer data that cannot be wiped and replaced. *
reverse You will need to reverse your car out of the drive.
rough The path was rough and rocky.
rudder A rudder is used to steer a ship, aircraft or submarine.
screws The screws used to hold a plane together are extremely strong.
Service Call room service to order breakfast.
servicing The vehicle is due for servicing in the next month.
shimmy When reaching high speeds some vehicles tend to shimmy.
damper Dampers help to control shock in a vehicles suspension mechanism.
absorber A shock absorber is vital to a vehicles suspension mechanism.
Spark Bart went to the scrap yard to buy new spark plugs for his car. *
starboard Starboard is the right-hand side of a ship, indicated with a green light.
starter A starter initiates a vehicles engine.
undercarriage The undercarriage of an aircraft is usually a set of wheels used when landing and taking off.
variable Noise was a confounding variable. *

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