Spelling list: Engineering (aviation) Set 2

Words an aircraft engineer is likely to need when writing maintenance reports.

elevator In case of fire, don't use the elevator.
engaged A soldier is a person who serves in an army; a person engaged in military service. *
engine This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
fail You never fail to amaze me!
fluid The population is more fluid in urban areas. *
fuel This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
fuselage The fuselage is the main body of an aircraft.
gasket A gasket is a rubber ring which fills the gap between two surfaces in a machine.
generator Electricity is produced when a generator turns. *
hydraulic The lorry had a hydraulic lifting system. *
injector The engine receives fuel through an injector.
inverted It is possible for some aeroplanes to fly inverted.
jammed The door is jammed.
label Some people like to label their clothes.
leaf I will take a leaf out of your book. *
limits Constraints describe the limits within which a designer must work. *
maintenance Older aircrafts require a lot of maintenance.
manual Manual cars are fitted with a clutch pedal.
material A composite material is made up of different parts.

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