Spelling list: Engineering (aviation) Set 1

Words an aircraft engineer is likely to need when writing maintenance reports.

accordance In accordance with the company rules, the man was fired.
ailerons Ailerons help to control an aeroplane during flight.
air The scent of roses hung in the air.
filter American English spelling Usually coffee is filtered. *
aircraft The captain set the aircraft to autopilot.
battery The car battery has run dry.
brakes Always make sure your car brakes are working.
canopy An aircraft's canopy is the transparent cockpit enclosure.
carbon Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe.
fibre British English spelling Some modern aircrafts use carbon fibre in the wings.
carburettor A carburettor is used in aircraft engines to blend air and fuel.
catalogue British English spelling Please send me a copy of your catalogue.
change A fickle person changes their mind often.
chapter We read until the last chapter of the book.
cockpit He sat in the cockpit and looked at all the buttons and switches. *
column You can't support a building with just one column.
cracked I can't read my cell phone's screen since I cracked it.
cylinder A tube-shaped object is a cylinder.
degrees The temperature in the desert was over 40 degrees.
bracket Brackets in Maths means multiply. *

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Engineering (aviation) Set 1

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