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Word list from The National Curriculum in England.

queue We had to queue to get into the show.
recognise British English spelling I didn't recognise you with you hair cut.
recommend I recommend this course to home schoolers.
relevant That isn't very relevant to the conversation.
restaurant We all love to go to the restaurant. *
rhyme Time, crime and chime all rhyme.
rhythm James plays rhythm guitar.
sacrifice I will sacrifice my free time to do your work.
secretary The secretary took notes during the meeting.
shoulder You can cry on my shoulder.
signature The document is not valid without a signature.
sincere I think he is a very sincere person.
sincerely I sincerely wish you all the best in life. *
soldier The soldier fired a bullet.
stomach Unripe fruit can give you stomach ache.
sufficient Have you sufficient money for a cab home?
suggest I would like to suggest a plan of action.
symbol This symbol means 'add' : +.
system The decimal numeral system has ten as its base.

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