Spelling list: -ence words, Set 1

In these words the weak vowel sound in the final syllable is spelled with the letter e. These are just a few of the many words ending in -ence.

absence I didn't do much work during my absence.
adolescence I was often tired during my adolescence.
affluence Affluence does not necessarily lead to a happier life.
competence This course will improve your competence in spelling.
confidence She spoke to the teacher in confidence.
convenience We can arrange a meeting at your convenience.
dependence The military has a dependence on discipline.
diligence The negotiations required good diligence.
evidence Some new circumstantial evidence proved the defendant guilty.
excellence The pupil was praised for his academic excellence.
existence Ecosystems are groups of living things that support the existence of each other. *
incidence The incidence of crime in the area was high.
lenience The judged showed lenience to the offender.
magnificence The magnificence of the mountains is inspiring.
obedience After a while, their new dog started to show obedience.
opulence The king lived in opulence.
patience She shows no patience with her staff.
persistence Through the persistence of his efforts he achieved his goal.
presence Malignancy is the presence of a cancerous tumour.
reverence The captain was held in reverence by the team.

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