Spelling list: Nouns ending in -ent

In these words the weak vowel sound in the final syllable is spelled with the letter e. There are many words ending in -ent. Here are just a few.

accident A broken ladder caused the accident.
agent Bond is a fictional secret agent.
client The businessman went to meet a client.
component They lost a vital component of the machine.
consignment A consignment of goods was sent from the factory.
continent Africa is a very large continent.
crescent The moon was in the shape of a crescent.
detergent Detergent is often sprayed onto oil spills.
deterrent An alarm system can be a good deterrent.
document The document is not valid without a signature.
equivalent Six tens is the equivalent of twenty threes.
incident A large crowd gathered at the scene of the incident.
monument The ancient monument is popular with tourists.
opponent I should beat my next opponent easily.
orient One meaning of orient is the countries of Asia.
parent A child who has lost both parents is an orphan.
parliament She's standing for election to Parliament.
patient All the patients escaped from the fire.
rodent Rats, mice, squirrels and beavers are rodents.
talent Dyslexic people find spelling hard but have many other talents.

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