Spelling list: Adjectives ending in -ent

In these words the weak vowel sound in the final syllable is spelled with the letter e. There are many words ending in -ent. Here are just a few.

absent William was absent during class today.
absorbent This cloth is extremely absorbent.
adjacent They slept in adjacent rooms.
ancient Greece has many ancient ruins.
apparent It became apparent that he wasn't ready for the job.
competent He is a competent pianist.
confident The football manager was confident of winning.
convenient Will it be convenient to call tomorrow?
decent The fish was a decent size so we kept it.
different In Britain, some spellings are different from the USA.
efficient An efficient machine works well.
excellent The choreography in the show was excellent. *
frequent I am frequent visitor to the zoo. *
imminent The train departure was imminent.
obedient William was obedient as a child.
patient All the patients escaped from the fire.
permanent I'm hoping my job will be made permanent.
present Linda screamed with delight when she opened the present.
transparent Quartz is a hard transparent mineral.
violent A violent storm with strong winds is a cyclone.

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