Spelling list: Adjectives ending in -ant

In these words the weak vowel sound in the final syllable is spelled with the letter a. There are many words ending in -ant. Here are just a few.

abundant The field was abundant with wildlife.
brilliant I have a brilliant driving instructor.
constant The trophy is a constant reminder of his success.
distant His ancestors were hunters in the distant past.
dominant She is more dominant than her sister.
elegant She wore an elegant dress.
extravagant The palace was full of extravagant decoration.
fragrant The air was fragrant with the smell of jasmine.
hesitant John was hesitant to stand up and speak.
ignorant Many people are worryingly ignorant of the facts.
important A General is an important army officer.
pleasant The temperature was not too hot, just pleasant.
redundant It has been a year since I was made redundant.
relevant That isn't very relevant to the conversation.
reluctant He was reluctant to answer my question.
significant There was a significant increase in vinyl sales this year.
tolerant The daycare owner was very tolerant.
triumphant The winning team were triumphant.
vacant There is one vacant room in the hotel.

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