Spelling list: Prefixes: de or dis?

These prefixes can be confused when de comes before a root word beginning with s . The more common prefix is dis .

despair He tried not to despair at the team's poor result.
descend To descend is to go down.
describe She could describe the missing boy to the police.
destroy He was trying to destroy the wasp nest.
destructive The bomb was very destructive. *
disable When I came home, I had to disable the burglar alarm. *
disappoint As long as you try your best you won't disappoint me.
disarm The police managed to disarm the gunman.
disqualify The referee will disqualify anyone who breaks the rules.
disconnect Please disconnect the lead to the printer.
disobey I decided to disobey the rules. *
disbelief She stared in disbelief at the damage to her car.
discount I bought this TV at a discount.
discourage Your bad comments will discourage me from trying again.
discover I would like to discover details about my ancestors.
disgraceful The children behaved in a disgraceful manner.
disrespectful Children should not be disrespectful to their parents.
disorder There was great disorder at the street protest.

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Learn about these words in Unit 23. Prefixes: when letters need changing.

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