Spelling list: Prefixes: per or pre?

These prefixes are often confused. Say the word aloud and listen carefully to the sound.

prepare She is working hard to prepare for her test.
preview Click 'preview' to see your document.
predict We were able to predict what would happen. *
preserve Making jam is a method used to preserve fruit. *
prehistoric In prehistoric times dinosaurs roamed the earth.
premature A premature baby is one born much earlier than normal.
presume Do not presume that I will agree with all you decide.
pretend Please don't pretend that you didn't know the truth.
prevent Brush your teeth every day to prevent decay.
predominant The predominant colour in her house is pink.
permit My bus pass will permit me to have cheap travel.
perceive To perceive something is to notice it.
perfect Is lying on a beach your idea of a perfect holiday?
performance The team’s performance was dismal.
permanent Temporary is the opposite of permanent.
permission We will apply for permission to extend our house.
persecute You should not persecute him because of his beliefs.
persuade Can I persuade you to have another slice of this cake?

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Learn about these words in Unit 23. Prefixes: when letters need changing.

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